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Routine car stop results in arrest of a fugitive and assault on Police K-9

On 01/17/2017, at approximately 8:30pm, Barnstable Police Patrolmen Spencer Jackson and Joseph Green observed a vehicle traveling on Old Colony Blvd., Hyannis, commit a minor traffic infraction.

GREEN activated the cruiser’s blue lights signaling the vehicle to stop. The vehicle came to a stop at the intersection of Old colony Blvd and Nantucket St. Up to this point all the events were consistent with a routine “every day traffic stop” for a minor traffic infraction.

That changed very quickly as the Officers approached the vehicle. The rear seat passenger, later identified Eric T. Roderick, appeared to be ducking down.

When confronted with his actions, RODERICK attempted to exit the vehicle and flee on foot. RODERICK had four (4) outstanding probation violation warrants.

JACKSON and GREEN struggled to arrest RODERICK. RODERICK continued to resist despite being tased.
Additional BPD Units responded to the motor vehicle stop. Among those responding was Barnstable Police K-9 Officer Jeff Jackson and his K-9 partner Elvis.

RODERICK was able to break free and attempted to run towards a densely wooded area off Old Colony Blvd. RODERICK ignored K-9 Officer Jeff Jacksons commands and warnings. “Elvis” was deployed to assist with the apprehension of RODERICK. RODERICK had run into the woods with “Elvis” and other Officers in pursuit.
RODERICK was stopped by “ELVIS” and a violent struggle ensued.

Both “Elvis” and K-9 Officer JACKSON were assaulted by RODERICK during the struggle. He was eventually secured with handcuffs, transported back to the Barnstable Police Department, and booked.
After being booked, RODERICK was transported to Cape Cod Hospital ER for a K-9 bite to his left foot. The injuries appeared to be minor. He was treated and released.

RODERICK was charged with the following:
Four (4) separate Probation violations warrants from Barnstable District Court from previous arrests.
1. A&B on a Police Officer
2. Malicious destruction property
3. Possession of Class B
4. Possession of Class C

RODERICK’s new charges are:
1. A&B on a Police K-9
2. A&B on a Police
3. Resisting arrest

RODERICK is very familiar to area Law Enforcement. He has a lengthy criminal history which includes convictions for crimes of violence and narcotic related offenses. He will be arraigned in Barnstable District Court on 01/18/2017.


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