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    The Barnstable Police K9 Foundation’s purpose is to improve the performance of the Barnstable Police K9 unit and to maintain a high quality of life for its police service dogs both active and retired. All donations are tax deductable and used solely for the purpose of supporting and improving the unit.

    The Barnstable Police K9 Foundation is an incorporated, non-profit 501C-3 organization. Please click the DONATE button for more detailed information.

    Barnstable Police K-9 Foundation
  • Thank you Mass Vest-A-Dog!

    From Mass Vest-A-Dog:  Ptl Jeff Jackson & K-9 Elvis shown with members of Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council SWAT Team.  All three Barnstable Police Department K-9 teams participated in the search for the Boston Bomber Suspect #2 efforts.  In addition to Jackson and Elvis, Patrolman Troy Perry and K-9 Izzo, and Patrolman Sean Roycroft and K-9 Rocky assisted as well.  Visit Mass Vest A Dog  (AP Photo by Craig Ruttle)

    Thank you Mass Vest-A-Dog!
  • Izzo Bite & Hold Demonstration

    K9 Izzo handled by Officer Troy Perry demonstrates how a K9 bites and holds a suspect during a public demonstration at the library during Osterville Days. The suspect in the bite suit is Officer Sean Roycroft.

    Be sure to visit the EVENTS page for upcoming BPD K9 demonstratons.

    Izzo Bite & Hold Demonstration
  • Barnstable Police K9 Cruiser

    Barnstable Police Department’s blue and white cruisers are a familiar sight around the 7 villages of the town. Although the K9 Units bear the same general look of the standard Barnstable cruisers there are some differences. Each K9 Unit is clearly marked as K9 units with the big K9 on each side. Instead of a prisoner holding area in the rear of the cruiser these cars have specially designed kennels for the dogs.

    Barnstable Police K9 Cruiser
  • K9 Arek Suspect Takedown

    A muzzled K9 Arek handled by Officer Sean Roycroft demonstrates how K9’s take down a suspect played by Officer Jeff Jackson in a Public Demonstration at the public library during Osterville Days. When muzzled K9’s are trained to tackle a suspect and knock them down and control them until the officer takes over control.

    K9 Arek Suspect Takedown
  • Izzo Holds A Suspect

    Barnstable Police K9 Izzo handled by Officer Troy Perry bites and holds Officer Jeff Jackson in a public K9 Demonstration held in a West Barnstable playground.

    Be sure to visit the EVENTS page for upcoming BPD K9 demonstratons.

    Izzo Holds A Suspect

Barnstable PD K9 Interview

Barnstable K9 Unit Patrolman Jeff Jackson is interviewed by Satellite News Service during a K9 demonstration at the 21st Annual West Barnstable Village Festival. The video includes a K-9 demonstration. Video is courtesy of Satellite News Service.

Please visit the Gallery section to see additional videos and photos of the Barnstable Police K9 Unit Demonstrations and selected other photos and videos.

Biographies of Officers and Dogs of the Barnstable Police K9 Unit

Bio of Sergeant Mark Mellyn K9 Unit Supervisor.

Sergeant Mark Mellyn, Unit Supervisor

Bio of Officer Troy Perry and Izzo

Officer Troy Perry & Izzo

Bio of Officer Troy Perry and Izzo

Officer Troy Perry & Izzo

Bio of Officer Jeff Jackson and Elvis

Officer Jeff Jackson & K9 Elvis

Barnstable Police K9 Unit in the News:  (Hold cursor over text to pause scrolling):

We would like to congratulate Ptl. Perry and canine Izzo for there excellent work on the home invasion earlier this week in Centerville. From where the suspect was apprehended, Ptl. Perry and Izzo performed a back track to the house that was invaded. On that track Izzo located a mask and two gloves used by the suspect. These items are key evidence linking the suspect to the crime. Great job!

Sunday night patrol responded to a domestic assault at the Cumberland Farms on West Main St in Hyannis. Upon arrival it was determined the male half had fled on foot. Ptl. Perry and Izzo arrived and began attempting to locate the subject. After a lengthy track the subject was located and apprehended by Izzo while hiding in a bush next to a pond. Great job Troy and Izzo!


Hyannis Man Held on Gun Charges: "Christopher Newell, 23, was arrested after Barnstable police detectives and the Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council's Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT, team executed a search warrant at 5 a.m. at his 43 Erin Lane home." ... "Detective Colin Kelley found seven rounds of .40-caliber ammunition in a sneaker in Newell's bedroom closet, and Detective Thomas Chevalier found a .45-caliber Glock semi-automatic handgun loaded with 12 hollow point rounds of ammunition in another closet." ... "Patrolman Sean Roycroft's K-9 partner Rock, a trained munitions dog, later found a 50-round box of .40-caliber ammunition hidden in a basement crawl space." Excerpts from Cape Cod Times, June 8, 2013/client_name]

BPD K9s Search for Marathon Bomber in Boston: We would like to thank all of you for the support of our unit in Boston. The dogs did a fantastic job with the swat team going house to house. All three dogs from our department along with the Yarmouth K-9 unit. It is a day/week none of us will forget. Thank you once again or your continued support. –BPD K9 Foundation


Congratulation to Sean & Rocky:  We would like to congratulate Sean and his new K9 partner Rocky on completing basic patrol school as well as a certification in gun detection. This is the first dual purpose dog for the BPD. They are assigned to the midnight shift. Congrats! –BPD K9 Foundation

BIG THANK YOU Barnstable  CPA:  We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the most recent graduates of the Barnstable Police Citizens Academy. At the end of their 13 week academy they decided to make their donation to our foundation. We are very grateful for your generosity and your interest in our department. –BPD K9 Foundation

Dangerous Suspects Arrested in K9 / SWAT Operation:  The Barnstable Police K9 Unit along with the Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council SWAT Team had great success last night. An aggravated assault occured at Covel's Beach in Centerville.  Information was obtained that the suspect was at 80 Winter St. in Hyannis and possibly armed with a gun.  SWAT arrived and secured a perimeter.  When announcements were made that a canine was going to be sent into the house, the suspect surrendered along with another subject with numerous outstanding warrants for violent crimes out of Boston. The house was then cleared with SWAT along with K-9 Izzo and Ptl. Troy Perry.  Assisting with the search of the house was K-9 Officer Mark Thibeault from Yarmouth Police Department and his partner K-9 Torres. The subjects were taken into custody without incident,  a handgun was found and everyone went home safe. Great Job! –BPD K9 Foundation

Officer Perry and K9 Izzo Locate Suspect Under Compost Box :  A domestic violence suspected believed to be armed with a gun was suspected to be hiding in the attic of a home.  After clearing theattic and the rest of the house Officer Perry and K9 Izzo searched the yard.  While checking the yard, Izzo indicated on the fence seperating the property and actually put his head through the slats! The suspect was found hiding under a box to hold compost on the other side of the fence and taken into custody, great job Officer Perry and Izzo! –BPD K9 Foundation

Arson Suspects Reverse Tracked to Scene  by Officer Troy Perry and K9 Izzo:  Barnstable police officer Troy Perry and his K-9 partner Izzo were able to perform a reverse track, following a trail allegedly left by the three suspects apprehended at the YMCA property to the scene of an arson in a storage shed at Cape Cod Community College across busy Route 132 in Barnstable.

Assault Suspect Apprehended by Officer Jackson and K9 Elvis: Officers from were able to set up a parameter while awaiting K-9 Officer Jackson to arrive with his partner Elvis.  A K-9 track from the crime scene led officers to a shed located down the street from the assault. Suspect was found hiding in the shed and was apprehended by K-9 Elvis. –BPD K9 Foundation

 Officer Jackson and K9 Elvis Chase and Capture a B&E Suspect: B&E suspect reported by a citizen to be breaking into cars behind Sam Diego's Restaurant on Route 132 in Hyannis was apprehended after a short foot chase that ended near the Halloween shop off of Route 132 by Ptl. Jeffrey Jackson  and K9 Elvis. –BPD K9 Foundation

Barnstable Police K9s Locate Suspects and Evidence at Homicide Scene: Congratulations to Officer Jeff Jackson and K9 Elvis for capturing one of the murder suspects from last weeks homicide in Hyannis.  Also, on that same day Officer Troy Perry and K9 Izzo were able to locate a knife and a firearm from the same scene.  This was a very successful day for the Barnstable Police K9 Unit and the whole Barnstable Police Department with three suspects captured and in custody. –BPD K9 Foundation7/16/2012

Arrest made in Hyannis shooting: Barnstable Police K-9 Units were able to track the shooting suspect to the Hinckley and Baxter Road area where the suspect was arrested and gun recovered. Officer Troy Perry and K9 Izzo did a great track.  Great work Officer Troy Perry and K9 Izzo and Officer Jeff Jackson and K9 Elvis. –BPD K9 Foundation 6/30/2012

Two Men Face Heroin Trafficking Charges After Capture by Officer Jackson and K9 Elvis. The officers asked Ricker to get out of the Jeep but he allegedly assaulted them and then tried to flee.  Officer Jackson released  K-9, Elvis chased down and did a "Bite and Hold" on the wrist of the suspect, holding him until the officers could place him under arrest. Great job Officer Jackson and K9 Elvis.
– BPD K9 Foundation

Pup trains for Barnstable Police K-9 Unit: Arec will soon be coming home with Ptl. Sean Roycroft to begin a career with the Barnstable PD K9 Unit.  But this little pup has some very big paw prints to fill. Roycroft lost his K-9 partner, Cole, to cancer. The 10-year-old German shepherd, who spent all of his nine-year working life in Roycroft's company — did it all.  He found lost elderly people, tracked a man who tried to rape a young girl in her own bedroom, and sank his teeth into more than a few optimists who believed they could outrun a police dog. –Karen Jeffrey, Cape Cod Times

Hyannis bank robbed again, Barnstable Police and K9 Unit called in: The Barnstable Police Department called a Barnstable K9 unit to the scene and the bank was closed for business.  The K9 dog led officers down Route 28 past Spring Street to Ridgewood Avenue where the dog again picked up the scent from a pile of clothing found in the woods next to the Quality Printing Shop on Ridgewood. –Editor, Cape Cod Today

Psychiatric Patient Rescued From Lewis Bay: Barnstable Police K9 Elvis found the woman who had been in the water for about 25 minutes.  She was almost completely submerged with only a hand showing above the water holding onto a floating pier.




The Barnstable Police K9 Foundation, Inc. wishes to thank the following community minded businesses, organizations and citizens for their support of our unit.  This foundation would not be possible without their support.

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